Steve Banks


Born in Washington, D.C. on February 14.
1952 Awarded Middle School Scholarship, Chicago Art Institute. First prize National Scholastic Magazine, work hung in the Carnage Institute, Pittsburgh.

1953 Continues Scholarship study at Chicago Institute. First and Second Prize National Scholastic Magazine, work exhibited at the Carnage Institute, Pittsburgh.

1956-1960 Graphic Illustrator United States Air Force.

1959 First and Second Prize, Mixed Media, West Texas State Fair.

1960-1964 Art Director, Leo Burnett Company, Chicago.

1962 Individual Exhibition Contemporary Art Gallery, Evanston, Illinois

1963 Group Exhibition, International Gallery, Chicago Illinois


Group Exhibition, International Gallery, Chicago Illinois

1964-1967 Executive Art Director-Producer, Erwin Wasey Inc., Advertising, Los Angeles

1966 Group Exhibition, Larchmont Gallery, Los Angeles

1967-1970 Vice president Associate Creative Director - Executive Producer, William Esty Company, Advertising, New York

1967 Group Exhibition, Stern Gallery, Darien, Connecticut

1968 Group Exhibition, Strawberry Contemporary, Stamford, Connecticut

1970-1974 Executive Art Director - Producer/Director, McCann Erickson and Standard Ogilvy, San Paulo, Brazil

1972 Individual Exhibition, Bela Vista Contompo Galleria, São Paulo, Brazil

1973 Group Exhibition, Flavio Cohen Galleria, São Paulo, Brazil

1973 Group Exhibition, Leme’ Contompo Galleria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1974 Group Exhibition, Martins Agusta Galleria, São Paulo, Brazil

1974-1980 Independent Producer of television commercials, Los Angeles

1980-1983 Vice President Broadcast Production, Dailey & Associates, Advertising, Los Angeles

1984-2000 Partner, Wright-Banks Films, Los Angeles

Note: 1975-2000 -- Creative focus shifted to photography. Began painting again in 2001
"Selected as a member of the late photographer Richard Avedon's first master class held at his studio from February 28th until April 26th 1967. His partner was the late Marvin Israel, art director, photographer, designer, former director of Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar and Atlantic Records. Participants were assigned weekly projects critiqued by other workshop memebers, Avedon, Israel and various weekly visitors. These included photographers Hiro, Diane Arbus, Gary Winograd, Lee Frielander, Danny Lyon, Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, and John Szarkowski; Director of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art (1962-1991.) This workshop was modeled after Alexey Brodovitche's Design Lab which was started in 1933 at Philadelphia's Museum of Industrial Art.

Steve Banks
photography included in permanent collections:
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Jimi Hendrix Museum

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